001: What is Branding?

You created your brand to be experienced. It’s what builds customer loyalty and satisfaction.

But sometimes, entrepreneurs make a mistake by focusing on building awareness and visual identity of the their product or service without focusing on the experience of the customer from start to finish.

What is the definition of ‘branding’?

To give you an idea of what it is,

Branding is the perception or feeling of a customer has on your company 

It’s the mental picture they have in their mind of you. They usually have:

  1. The look of what it should look like.
  2. How it should feel.
  3. What the voice is.
  4. What the tone is.

It’s important to understand how customers should feel, how you should sound, how you should look before diving into creating.

This will then begin to create a connection or bridge between your company and customer before diving into any content creating or visuals even.

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