What I learned from getting 40K accumulated video views on LinkedIn in a month and a half.

February 6, 2018.

I delve into LinkedIn video with the intention of uploading my story and who I am.

With no script and a topic, I rehearse it several times while the video is recording, and go with which message both is succinct to the point within a 2–3-minute time frame.

I don’t think about it. I go.

6 Months has Passed

106 videos later when writing this, these are the results:

67765 ongoing views total.

50328 views since February 6, 2018, “Magical Day”.

17437 views from August 2017-February 6, 2018.

From February 6th to March 19, 2018, I doubled that amount of views since participating in a challenge reaching an accumulative of 50K+.

Though I’m super comfortable doing video, it was not easy finding out how I was going to structure my content based on what I know about brand development, content creation, mindset, or storytelling on design.

Up until the “Magical Day”, I was figuring out how to be creative and not bore people what I know.

It was always asking the question: How do I make my content about my audience?

The number of views, likes, and comment doesn’t matter to me as much as when I get engaging comments on my posts.

I’m constantly learning how to teach people what I know and grow.

It was during that a month and a half where I started to madly follow content creators like Goldie Chan, Fahad Mohammed, Quentin Allums and Melvyn Tan and see how they created engaging and insightful content from what they know about their respected fields.

What did I learn during the month and a half?

1. Be Your Authentic Self When Using LinkedIn Videos

When I started utilizing the platform last year, it seemed people were trying to find their identity or trying to create a personal brand on the professional platform.

Knowing how “odd” LinkedIn was, there was something I respected in the community: Authenticity.
People were being genuine in their posts at the time before video hit as I did not want fake followers or random bots commenting on my posts with emojis:  ????❤️????????

The downside was I was starting to see a lot of people throw this word around and not implementing what they had said to be.

People will relate to your personality, but not when you people-please.

People pleasing is the absolute number one authenticity killer.

Unless it’s related to your specific field of expertise or you have a direction for where your video goes, don’t copy video from other people thinking it will be viral.

It’s no over night success.

When you understand:

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • Why you’re doing it?
  • What do you stand for?

You unlock doors to endless possibilities when you are yourself while you are a working professions.

2. Be Seen as Credible. Declare what you know in your field of expertise.

What do you want to be known for?

A neurophysiologist?

Digital Marketer?

Sales Guru?

A Happiness Strategist?

I declared I was going to teach brand development and storytelling to people.

I had an extensive knowledge of what I know from brand development, website and logo design, and entrepreneurship.

“WHY is creating a brand and having customers understand what that is before diving to design or marketing important” was always the question I asked myself.

When you are starting out or choose one and go with it. See if you can have one overacting topic and talk about it in small bite-sized pieces.


Be in a position in where you get to help out the person with their problem.

It’ll make people want more of what you know.

Tip: Understand your three keywords when you create content so you don’t sound like a robot.

3. Keep on Creating Content Consistently on the Thing You Want to Be Known For

Showing up and stay committed when putting content out.

From when you were a child watching Saturday cartoons to now tuning into podcasts published on a Tuesday.

You stayed tuned and looked forward to the weekly shows.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What happens when a cartoon show decides to inconsistently halt the show periodically?
  • What happens when an author doesn’t publish their content according to their editorial schedule?

It’s most likely people won’t be tuning in to the show or you’ll quit watching the cartoon show to watch something else.

People notice consistency.

The question for you becomes how much content will you put out?

Determine whether or not posting every day, every week, twice a week, etc will work for you.

If you are preparing an editorial calendar, don’t go overboard with posting everyday unless you can stay committed to the schedule and have enough topics to plan for.

4. Engage and Comment on Posts, Even if They’re Yours!

One tip I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk was to respond to comments I go on every single post.

Every time I have a comment come in, I go in a comment and like or only like the comment.

It creates a sense of authenticity and genuine when a person takes their time reply back to the person commenting.

Let’s address the trolls or haters for a second.

Yes, I do get trolls from time to time.

We all do, and I understand it can be draining.

Realize that the message you’re putting out isn’t probably for them anyway. Don’t let them hold you back because they aren’t for you anyway.

Start with this. Build yourself a strong community of people you want to surround yourself with. They will be on your side to support and guide you throughout your content creating ways.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

5. Don’t Let the Numbers of Views, Like, Comment Dictate Your Life.

It’s going to happen. Don’t be on cloud nine for too long.

It’s awesome when your post gets the first 10,000 views or a great response.

Keep on moving along.

Remember what you defined your “Why” in being authentic.

Don’t be in it for the likes and views.


Through being understanding why you’re creating video content around what you’re an expert in and showing up consistently, people can easily see and trust you when you’ve put yourself in their shoes.

Content creating isn’t about you. It’s about the customers wants and needs. What do you want your audience to get out of watching or consuming you?

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