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About Jennifer Lau & No Boundaries Design.

Creating excellence every step of the way.

I’m a UX designer, leader, and creator. I help improve people’s lives.

How it Started.

From JenLauDesign to No Boundaries Design, I wanted the name No Boundaries Design to mean I was going to achieve what I set myself to do. It’s vision is to see the world where people are helping people in communities. The mission is to build and advocate on creating engaging experiences to fill the gaps. Thus, even when I’m not designing, I talk about user experience on this and LinkedIn.

My Values.

Always strive
for happiness.

Nothing is more important than my health and happiness. I put this above all.

Listen to empathize.
ask to sympathize.

I love listening to your problems. I ask questions so the two of us can get through it together.

come in with the intent of learning.

It's great to come in with a vast amount of knowledge; better when we get to merge ideas to form new ones.

and don't diss.

It's easy to blame one out of emotion if something is not favoring a direction. I value of be patient from understanding.


I am the sole designer of any the project and/or job I take on. If I feel the project requires more than a required resource like a development team, I will let you know upfront as this is out of my domain expertise.

Read more about the services I provide.

I don’t believe in a waterfall process. In other words, once I’m done with design then I hand everything to the development team and I’m off the project. No!It’s a collaboration once the project has been signed off, who ever is hired to be on this project is onboarded immediately during kickoff.

It’s why I take this step seriously to build a relationship with my part development to make sure our processes are in alignment to deliver the best quality work that aligns with your business needs.
Why not?

I have LLC in my business name to simply separate my business assets from personal assets. Mixing the two together creates a lot of confusion and mix-ups.
Yes, I can work international. The furthest client I had was based in Dublin, Ireland, which they are 8-hours ahead. A lot of fluid communication was set in stone before the project started. See the project here.

Though it is not listed in my services page, I still offer it to my potential clients when ask or request for it. After all, I did study graphic design with an emphasis of web design in school.

Majority of my graphic design work revolves around brand identity (see MentorMe.Art and PSLT) and brochure & catalog design (unfortunately, I can not display this on my promo materials but I’m more than happy to provide a reference upon request.)

honored to have designed for these brands

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kcet logo
Lensray Logotype white
Studio71 Logo Web Horizontal white



Jennifer Lau established herself early on with a capacity of strategic thinking as a Interaction Designer at Frequency Networks, a video in one company, and KCET Link Media Group, a public media group both based in Southern California.

With her determination and growing passion for user experience and strategic thinking, she formed her own firm; No Boundaries Design. She envisions the firm as providing creative solutions for her clients by bridging gaps between their businesses and their ideal customers. Jennifer is involved with every project, especially in the discovery phase.

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