User Experience is All Around Us

User Experience is all around us; not only in the internet.  Breaking down user experience, it is for the users to grasp a holistic experience from beginning to end. Think

Why Brands Fail and How to Fix It?

You’re pouring out your blood and sweat into a product or service that you think is so amazing and so awesome. But you’re forgetting one basic and the most crucial thing to

001: What is Branding?

You created your brand to be experienced. It’s what builds customer loyalty and satisfaction. But sometimes, entrepreneurs make a mistake by focusing on building awareness and visual identity of the

The Importance of Wireframing for Websites

What is Wireframing? Wireframes are simple black and white layouts that outline the website such as the size, placement of elements on a page and navigation. Fonts and Colors aren’t

Finding the Nugget That Will Lead to the Best Possible Solution

Before opening my own business, I was a Interaction+Graphic Designer at heart. I have gotten questions like “Why do you like graphic design?” “Why do you love what you do?” “Why website…?” and so forth. I gave them similar answers.