Design Prompt

LinkedIn decided to build a marketplace for freelancers.
Design a flow for hiring a professional.


65 min

Brief Introduction

From personal experience, having been on the platform

1. Why – Understand your goal

  • Learning about LinkedIn’s mission and value statements.
  • Learn why it is important.
  • Learn how it gives opportunity for people looking for jobs.
  • Utilizing their LinkedIn profile is a must.
  • Hiring manager don’t have to go to other platforms or leave LinkedIn to hire people. Benefits: all in one place.
  • Hire manager can easily scan an applicant’s profile.

2. Who – Define the audience

  • Companies looking for new employees, hiring managers, director.
  • Hiring someone with reputable and knowledgable skills

3. When and Where – Understand customer’s context and needs

  • I need to hire the someone to complete a project or a task.
  • Desktop on a browser. Desktop platform.
  • Takes under 2 mins to review the candidate base on their.
  • Interview. Complete the interview process.

4. What – List ideas (A, B, C…)

  • Complete the interview process.
  • Web desktop platform
  • Accept/Decline applicant.
  • Stages of the interview process.
  • A way to contact each other
  • Creating a job contract
  • Work progress.
  • Rating approval
  • Price / Payment / Invoicing / Tax
  • Time Hourly
  • Job board / Announcement Page.

5. Prioritize and choose an idea

  1. Complete the interview process. (Great)
  2. Web desktop platform
  3. Accept/Decline applicant. ()
  4. Stages of the interview process.
  5. A way to contact each other
  6. Creating a job contract
  7. Work progress.
  8. Rating approval
  9. Price / Payment / Invoicing / Tax
  10. Time Hourly
  11. Job board / Announcement Page.

6. Solve

  1. Gets a notification or some kind of alert that a person has signed up for a job.
  2. The hiring manager clicks on the notification, and is brought to see the applicants profile resume and posts.
  3. The hiring manager reviews the application. He/She can choose whether to interview the applicant or decline application.
  4. The hiring manager does an interview. Determines whether he/she wants to move forward with applicant (or does round 2 of interviews) or not.
  5. HM proceeds to move forward by sending contract for applicant to sign and review. [Determine how payment is handled.]
  6. [Determine how ratings and approval is made.]

7. How

  • How popular it is?
  • How many people use it?
  • Initially interest vs final result.
  • Reviews

Every Monday for about an hour, Natalia (Website & Instagram) and I do exercises from the book called “Solving Product Design Exercises: Questions & Answers” by Artiom Dashinsky. We brainstorm points 1–5 and 7 together, and work on point 6 separately.

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