Finding the Nugget That Will Lead to the Best Possible Solution

Before opening my own business, I was a Interaction+Graphic Designer at heart. I have gotten questions like “Why do you like graphic design?” “Why do you love what you do?” “Why website…?” and so forth. I gave them similar answers.

I love to problem solve. I love finding the best possible solution.

They acknowledged my answer I gave them. My passion comes from learning and discovering what my clients’ 1) company 2) audience 3) where they’ll be in 3 years? 10 years? are which will allow me to understand how to design the product they are looking for.

Research is the key to opening so many opportunities.

Like researching for an essay, I am committed to keep digging until I find the nugget or value. That nugget will be the source of providing value. Because of value that has been found, not only will client’s begin to grasp their brand or logo design, their customer/clients will begin to relate to that which is designed making make the product/service more tangible to grasp.