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Design #002: LinkedIn

DESIGN PROMPT LinkedIn decided to build a marketplace for freelancers. Design a flow for hiring a professional. DURATION 65 min…

How does brand, branding, and brand identity differ by definition?

Perhaps one of the few words that feel interchangeable in the design industry by definition are brand vs branding vs…

User Experience is All Around Us

User Experience is all around us; not only in the internet.  Breaking down user experience, it is for the users…

What I learned from getting 40K accumulated video views on LinkedIn in a month and a half.

February 6, 2018. I delve into LinkedIn video with the intention of uploading my story and who I am. With…

How to Make Your Company and Personal Brand Memorable and Worthwhile.

A brand is a feeling or an idea that someone has on the company or organization. Photo from Kissmetrics Online Marketing Blog…

Why Brands Fail and How to Fix It?

You’re pouring out your blood and sweat into a product or service that you think is so amazing and so…

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