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Leadership Lessons from Nature: Taking Necessary Breaks Every Single Day.

Often or not I tend to keep myself accountable. How do I keep myself organized when the day is getting busy? It is necessary to take breaks.


Picture this. You are a designer working so hard at your project. You start developing concepts for a website, but you run out of ideas on the fifth sketch and you have 5 more to go.

1 hrs. 2 hrs. Eventually 4 hrs pass. And yet you haven’t come up with a single idea. Time is wasted. You are frustrated and you start to blame on other people for giving you the task.

What your body is telling you is to go take a break and take your focus off somewhere else then come back. It may be a stroll along the park, a walk around the block, or sitting outside to get some vitamin D.

Yes, I mean going to mother nature and just see what’s out there they may spark an idea.

I once had an instructor that would tell his students that it was essential for us designers or artists to go outside to walk. It’s fuel for our bodies to take a breather or so then coming back feeling energized.

What can you learn from nature?

If you’ve been out of state or out of the country, not only is it a vacation for your mind, body, and soul, but after coming back from the vacation, you are more relaxed.

Not to say that it’ll be the same experience but you feel more energized being very productive.

Imagine by taking one stroll along the park, you may meet someone good or do a good deed then not only will you have a story to tell, you feel happy doing so and you get to continue with your work.

I usually use the time to let nature speak to me. I meditate when I walk around the block if I get stuck. 99.99% I will get back in the groove of things.

The Key Takeaways

  • Keeping a positive mindset is wonderful.
  • It makes you feel reenergized.
  • Take advantage of this twice a day for fifteen minutes each. Your body needs the blood circulation flowing.