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What Ramen Has Taught Me About User Experience

The experiences I draw whenever I go to my typical ramen place still is clear to me despite of this pandemic.

When I would go alone to hear my thoughts out, I let it ponder in the down-to-earth ambiance. I then often wonder what makes their experience unique and cohesive. Why do I feel the way I feel.

I remember a time where I got lost going to a Jared Spool event in Pasadena, CA. I’m not a person the likes to get lost because I do let my emotions get the best out of me. After finding the entrance to the parking lot, had a blast at the event, I knew going back home was going to be pretty tiring.

By default, when I don’t want to make anything at home, I would go to a ramen shop that would still be opened fairly late.

I went to Shinsengumi Ramen.

For those that haven’t been to Shinsengumi, when your name is called and you walk into the restaurant, you are greet with a loud “IRASHAIMASE!” or “Welcome” in Japanese from their employees.

I mean coming from Jared Spool’s event and although tired, I was thinking about how they seemingly nailed down their version of user experience and magically understand their customers so well.

The sense of feeling welcomed meant you belonged.

There my wondering thoughts began observing every movement from the chefs to the employee interactions with customers.

The best part comes after you paid and walk out of the door. When you do, you are greeted with a loud “ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA!” or “Thank you very much.” from their employees.

It was that experience I began thinking more about how I get to help client’s customers feel satisfied at the end of the journey. Sure designing the colors and pixels may be fun, but understanding the experience and customers will help drive the product I built.