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A platform for creators to share their creativity with stickers.
Design entire flow from research to conception & design.
Jennifer Lau, No Boundaries Design, LLC
Linley Regalado, Freelance Designer
July 2017–September 2017


For six weeks, we partnered up with Roy Fang, CEO of ezWOOT, as their Digital Brand Design Consultancy. ezWOOT is a photo-hashtag engaging platform company based in Los Angeles, California.

The responsibilities of this project was to identify who they are as a company, who their audience is (look & feel, tone & voice), and give a brand positioning statement to help define a set of visuals for ezWOOT.


Though we were only responsible for the UX/UI designs, there were many lessons we learned behind-the-scenes that helped us further our designs to help future clients such as:

  • The brand has to be defined. When introducing a new word or concept, people have to understand what that means in their eyes.
  • Treat Your Primary and Secondary Audience as One of Your Own. I’ve learned that whether your audience is mentors or students, they deserve a great experience. I dedicate my time to understand who these people are to build an excellent product for MentorMe.art.
  • Communication is Key. The complex project required a lot of understanding and team-work. Without the in-depth knowledge of Shannon’s or Shivram’s, there would be no MentorMe.Art.


Jennifer Lau, Principal Creative, No Boundaries Design LLC

understanding the problem

Having gone through a week of discovery with Roy, we had a clearer picture on approaching the customer journey and visuals for this website for a creative influencer like Betty.

From the session, we were able to create an information architecture and wireframe a user path that would guide influencers to the end goal of the site.
Crafting a brand positioning statement that aligns with the company: ezWOOT
Creating message for ezWOOT to help them identify themselves clearly to their audience.

Building awareness to delight their customers.

uncovering the goal

Roy, Linley, and I concluded we had to focus on bridging the gap between the users and how they were going to reach their audience based on their brand.

Understand who ezWoot’s primary and secondary users are.

Build a platform that is efficient and easy for the user(s) to use.

Help influencers bring awareness to their brand.

establishing key audiences

During customer profile exercise, we noticed that Roy started to repeat the keywords like engage, easy to use, motivated. Clearly, we had to consider those words that were being said and begin to weave them into the user scenarios and also designing the site.​
ezwoot photo filter incluencer ideal user

wireframing the vision

Coming in to the strategy session, Roy had a lot of ideas that needed to be translated into words. Through this session, we helped him uncover some items that weren’t explored in his brand before that could be applied in the outlining his site.

ezWOOT WireframeCollage 01
ezWOOT WireframeCollage 02
ezWOOT WireframeCollage 03
ezWOOT WireframeCollage 04
ezWOOT WireframeCollage 05
ezWOOT WireframeCollage 06

creating the high-fidelity design

To see the vision through, we created high-fidelity mockups to visually represent the flow of the site. Right off the bat, ezWOOT encourages users to create their own brand assets to place in their content.

ezwoot homepage photo filter platform