Lensray Travel

A place for businesses to inquire about a customizable trip
for employees
UX research & development
Jennifer Lau, UX Designer
CC Cressey, Brand Identity Designer
April 2019–August 2019

Getting to cater towards an audience.

Lensray Travel helps customizes trips for businesses. CC Cressey and I collaborated on this project with Sonya, the director of Lensray Travel, where her goal was to have directors and business owners contact her immediately.


Aside from also wanting brand identity from CC, I led the UX research and development up until the UI of the designs. From the project, I learned:

  • Research is important! No matter how big or small the project is, research of audience, their struggles, and probable solutions is necessary to define the flow of the site.
  • Sticking to your process. With collaborations, I had to make sure that I stuck with my design process to deliver what was needed on my end.
  • Knowing our roles. Since my background was also in user interface (UI), CC and I made sure that the two of us understood what our roles was to make this project possible.


Jennifer Lau, No Boundaries Design LLC

understanding the problem

During the meeting with Sonya, CC and I discovered what needed to happen and why for the Lensray Travel brand and website.

Deeper presence. Sonya has a presence with her audience already. She wants a site where its their 24/7.

Wants people to understand she sells to groups and not individuals. Her business caters to businesses. 

Wants to be seen as hospitable and not corporate. 

uncovering the goal

Based on our discussion, my impressions of the user base are that they’re fairly busy people and wants to grasp information as concisely as possible.

Understand what customers say when they say “simple”.

The site delivers concise information.

Build a site for business owners;
can’t look corporate.

Understanding the audiences struggles and solutions

Part of understanding the struggles and solutions Lensray Travel has is understanding what their audience is going through. CC and I concluded that the site had to answer the audience’s problem in a concise way.


Lack of planning a trip.

Trips always for corporate.

Lack of finding the best rates.


The company will be offered options to choose from.
Lensray can create a memorable experience, making the person’s time spent meaningful.

Lensray Travel has software to find the best rates for the best travel experience.

cReating scenarios & Storyboards

After understanding the struggles and solutions Lensray Travel’s audience are going through, I map out an ideal experience for a busy executive or business owner. This process allows CC and I to understand how this site will be designed and developed.

Senior director flow

LensrayTravel Flow1

wireframing the vision

Based on the scenarios and flow, CC and I worked towards three potential solutions that feature the following in the wireframes using Omnigraffle.

LensrayTravel WireframeCollage

DEVELOPING the high-fidelity design

Although CC was responsible for the high-fidelity design, we both worked close to make sure the site was functioning and developed the way she envisioned.
LensrayTravel Laptop
LensrayTravel LongScroll 01
LensrayTravel LongScroll 02
LensrayTravel LongScroll 03
LensrayTravel LongScroll 04
LensrayTravel LongScroll 05
LensrayTravel LongScroll 06
LensrayTravel LongScroll 07