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User Experience is All Around Us

User Experience is all around us; not only in the internet. 

Breaking down user experience, it is for the users to grasp a holistic experience from beginning to end.

Think about this in their shoes. 

It’s about understanding the feelings, thoughts, pains, emotions an individual is going through whether in an online or offline shop.

Although you may carry the experiences and stories of your own, it’s never about your own but how you get to empathize with your users.

Some questions you can consider whether you are customer-centric are the following

➡️ What kind of content can I create to help solve their problem?

➡️ What are the pains are my clients or audience going through that I get to help them solve?

➡️ How are they completing their journey from start to finish? 

Takeaway is to be of service to them and relate.