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How to Make Your Brand Memorable and Worthwhile.

A brand is a feeling or an idea that someone has on the company or organization.

marketing vs branding

Photo from Kissmetrics Online Marketing Blog – Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

A logo, website, illustration, graphic design, and a product isn’t a brand.

A brand is customer driven; customers, a fan base, or users have to understand who the company is, what they do, what benefits the customers get, and why the company matters to the customer.

That being said, how a company brands itself stems from not only the customers it has but the personality and core values. From all of this information, the next question is how do you make a brand memorable and worthwhile?

Consider this:

kobe bryant
Photo from the LATimes.

Let’s use Kobe Bryant for example.

When you think of Kobe, what words do you think of associated with him?

Again for Nike.

When you see this symbol, what words, people even, core values, mission, vision do you think of associated with this brand?

mom and i
A photo of my mom and I. “Hi Mom!”

Think of your best friend or significant other.

List three words about him or herWhy did you choose those three words?

Choosing Keywords for Your Brand

No matter what you answered for the three, it’s the intention of a company or person to create an entity that sticks in the person’s mind.

Since we can’t remember the company’s or person’s life history or story, we use visual cues and/or spoken words to form how we remember the company we’ve interacted with. For example, if a tech company happens to be “innovative” and “sustainable”, how does it define the company?

For the word “innovative”, the company is thought as an entity who thinks and brainstorms:

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

For sustainable, same principles apply. Although it is associated with green and environment, maybe it also is associated with minimalism as well:

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

Pictures are worth a thousand words. People formulate and define an experience by injecting meaning into the word paired with a specific image.

People can draw a specific tone or emotion related to their experience of the brand. For example, because of Apple and its simplicity, clean, and modern products, people may only buy from them because of the keywords and values.

Loyalty accumulates from the personality of the brand, values, attributes, and its relationships with the customers. The secret sauce to it is maintaining, cultivating and staying consistent with what the brand is saying.

Pro-tip: Ask yourself the following. What makes a person want to follow you?

Takeaway about making your brand memorable:

A business or personal brand can’t please everyone on the entire planet.

What a company can do is have people understand who they are, what they do, what benefits the customers get in return, and why the company matters to the customer.

A brand seen as a visual blueprint of a company when viewed visually and spoken will set the guidelines on what values or attributes a company represents, so that a brand functions through the voice, tone, look and feel of the company.