Why Brands Fail and How to Fix It?

You’re pouring out your blood and sweat into a product or service that you think is so amazing and so awesome. But you’re forgetting one basic and the most crucial thing to your company—having your customers in mindWithout the customersthere’s no experience or journey and without that, the company will be in the dust.

Because remember customers drive your company, and without catering to them that’s how brands fail .

Why having a brand experience is important to your business development.

So having a brand experience in your business development is very important because you’re creating the persona that you want to be perceived to your customers, and you have a reason as to why they have to care about you.

Imagine this.

McDonald’s— Their mission is to be the customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.

If you start to strip away those key ingredients in their brand meaning the look that they have, the feel of how it should be felt, the voice and the tone and only focused on perfecting the way they make their burgers and fries, what are they left with?

It’s almost like removing the soul and heart from the body. You’re going to be left with the parts (the products and services) and without a heart (the heart being the values), the mission, vision and the soul (being the persona).

So, how do you fix it? More importantly, how do you fix your experience for your customers.

A logo or a website isn’t going to solve or fix the problem at the end of the day. You’re hired or seen as a guide to someone’s problem. To validate whether or not your idea rings true to your audience:

    1. Approach your customers and ask for insight. Customer survey or feedback is a must.
    1. The power of “Why”. Find out why they wouldn’t be satisfied with a feature or method you’ve implemented.
  1. Pitch to them and have them repeat it back to you. I don’t mean sell them on your product or service; tell them who you are and why you’re doing it. You may find some gold nuggets there.


Worry about perfecting the logo and website later. Figure out what ideal persona you’re going to create for your customers, ask a lot of questions to your current customers, and map out a journey for them (think the journey through your sales funnel).

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