Hello! Welcome to No Boundaries Design.

Designing long-lasting
and solution-centric
website applications.

Digital experiences made to bring you more customers and drive results.

Building on your vision.

Stories are made to have a lasting impression for a long time.

So, let's hear it!

You have a story and vision of how your company came to be,
helps change lives, and impact culture. Stories told from people believing in you after you helped saved their day.

It's a matter of bringing that experience into a digitally
immersive environment.

Through tailored and guided web design and development, let's create experiences that become human-like that feels right for your clients or customers that compels them to take action.

No Boundaries Design is a UX/UI freelance designer based in Los Angeles, CA. The design entity goes by another name—Jennifer Lau.

Case studies illustrating what you expect.


Digital-arts Mentoring
Website Platform


Spanish Courses for
Public Safety Personnel Website


New Generation
Public Media Website

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